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imageFailure to diagnose or delay to treat herpes simplex in the eye area can result in serious personal injury such as episcleritis, keratopathy, iritis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, uveitis, keratitis, retinitis, optic neuritis, glaucoma, proptosis, cicatricial lid retractions, and extraocular muscle palsies. In “case of the month: a lesion near the eye”, the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants looks at the case of a 19-year-old man  who visited his healthcare provider with erythema and irritation of the skin adjacent to his right eye. The patient  noted the irritation for the first time after a military exercise in a sandy environment. Read the case here 


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One day before he died in a construction accident, 19 year old Fernando Vanegas told his mom that he was worried about the safety of the construction site after a retaining wall designed to hold back the soil around the base of a building where he was working had almost fallen. The wall fell the day after killing Fernando and badly injuring two other construction workers. The construction site locatedat 656 Myrtle Avenue, near Franklin Avenue, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn had been previously vacated because of structural problems but in recent months the contractor received a permit for remediation work and the site was reopened. Read more in the New York Times


656 Myrtle Ave before the collapse of the wall

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Failure to diagnose a medical condition can be medical malpractice. However in some rare cases patients can suffer from unknown conditions that even the the most skilled doctors have failed to diagnose despite extensive clinical investigations. These patients now have a new possibility to submit their case to  the some of the nation’s leading diagnostic teams. The Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) just launched an  online application portal that will allow patients suffering from a rare undiagnosed disease to submit an application to get their case studied by a top national network of clinical sites. Read more here

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A 21 year old woman died and  her 22 year old friend was  seriously injured in a bicycle accident in New York City.  The two women were riding their bicycles on Hylan Blvd. in Great Kills yesterday afternoon around 4:30 pm when they were struck by a boat trailer that had slipped off  the truck that was towing it. The two women were transported to the hospital.  One of them died, the other one is expected to survive.  The driver stayed at the scene of the accident. Allegedly the trailer hinge had been modified. The driver hasn’t been charged.  Read more in the New York Daily News 


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imageHospital medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in this country, behind heart disease and cancer.

In a recent article in the New York Times, a retired transplant surgeon explains how an unresponsive medical staff left him no other choice but to break into  into the crash cart, a box on wheels containing equipment hospitals use to resuscitate patients and pull out two liters of saline solution which he ran into his daughter’s IV Line to prevent her from dying.

Unfortunately most patients and their families don’t have the medical knowledge and the means to make things different if the staff is negligent or a medical error is being committed. Here are the reactions of some of the readers to this article.


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Jeffrey BloomOur Partner Jeffrey Bloom will be a speaker at the “Mount Sinai Update: Breast Imaging Conference” to be held at The New York Academy of Medicine  on October 12, 2015 .  Jeff will speak from 10:15 AM to  11:15 AM and his presentation will cover the plaintiff’s attorney’s perspective on breast imaging malpractice.  After the presentation Jeff will also participate on a Medico-legal Issues Panel. To register click here.

At the completion of this course, the participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the new ACR BI-RADS 5th Edition terminology for breast imaging findings on mammography, ultrasound and MRI.
  • Develop a multimodality approach to screening, staging and clinical problem solving.
  • Develop a systematic approach to the assessment of findings on mammography, ultrasound, and MRI.
  • Appreciate the latest technological developments in digital tomosynthesis, automated breast ultrasound and breast MRI.
  • Understand the techniques and skills for performance of stereotactic, ultrasound-guided, and MRI- guided breast biopsy.
  • Discuss recent screening mammography controversies.
  • Reduce their risk of false negative interpretation and malpractice litigation.
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In 2001, Pam Tusiani died as a result of Medical Malpractice in New York  after she fatally  reacted to Parnate, an antidepressant she had been prescribed by a treatment center that was providing medical care without a license. The young woman was suffering from  borderline personality disorder, a disease often misdiagnosed.

Using the settlement from their malpractice suit, Pam’s parents started the Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital in 2003. Last July the Tusianis hosted some of New York’s top neuroscientists and psychiatrists at a day-long event to review the latest science on BPD and devise new avenues for research.

Read more in The Washington Post 

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A woman in her 50s was seriously injured after being struck by a van this morning.  The accident happened at the intersection of 21st St. and fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  The pedestrian was crossing the street when she was hit by a white van making a left turn. The driver of the van was in shock and stayed at the scene of the accident while the victim was transported to the hospital  in critical condition. Read more in the New York Daily News.

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A 27 year old woman was killed in  a bicycle accident  on the City Island bridge in the Bronx, NYC. The police are looking for the driver of a 2015 White Hyundai who struck 27 year old Gabriella Aguilar and sped away, leaving her to die on the road. See video below




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A 29 year old man and a 27 year old woman died in two  separate motorcycle crashes early Saturday night in  New York City. The first motorcycle accident occurred in Brooklyn  around 1:15 AM. The driver of the motorcycle tried to  pass a van by squeezing between the parked cars and the van on Parkside Avenue near Park Circle.  He lost control of his motorcycle and  died in the hospital a few hours after the crash.

The second accident happened 40 minutes later in the Bronx. A 27 year old woman who was riding as a passenger on a bike driven by a 30 year old man was ejected from it after the driver lost control of the vehicle on Commerce Avenue near Newbold Avenue.  The woman died and the driver suffered a broken jaw. Having ridden motorcycles for over 50 years the lack of foresight never ceases to amaze me. We all know riding bikes carries a multitude of risks from other drivers. Why compound it by riding foolishly.

Read more in the New York Daily News