Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom & Rubinowitz is a New York Plaintiff's personal injury law firm specializing in automobile accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, police misconduct and all types of New York personal injury litigation.
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Kristin%20Rendina.jpgA woman who ran in the street in Brooklyn to try to save her dog that had been run over by a car was struck by another car. The dog died and the 31 year old woman is in critical condition. Both drivers fled and the police are still looking for them.

Kristin Rendina was walking her two dogs when one of them was hit by a car that didn’t stop on W. Second St. near Avenue Z in Gravesend. She ran from the sidewalk to kneel by the dog and was struck by a black Jeep Wrangler driving on Avenue Z whose driver fled the scene.

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A pedestrian who was walking in the crosswalk died after he was hit by a New York City Bus making a left turn at the intersection of E. 147th street and Willis Ave. in Mott Haven in the Bronx, NYC. The man who was in his sixties and using a cane was hit by the bus and pinned under it. He was dragged beneath the bus until the Third Ave intersection. The street light near the Southwest corner where the man was hit was not working resulting in poor lighting of the area. This factor may explain why the bus driver never saw the victim. The bus driver stayed at the scene and was not charged.

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A few weeks after a woman died after being struck by a bike in Central Park, NYC, a NYPD officer was struck by a bicyclist yesterday on the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian footpath. The officer suffered personal injury and appeared to haver a broken arm. The accident happened yesterday afternoon on a crowded path. According to the New York police, the cyclist was not arrested.

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Brooklyn Bridge as viewed from pedestrian walkway
Picture: courtesy of Wikipedia Every day more than 4000 pedestrians and 3100 cyclists cross the Brooklyn Bridge

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We are proud to announce that for the ninth consecutive year our attorneys have been named to the New York Super Lawyers list. In 2014 ten of our lawyers were selected. These are: Ben B. Rubinowitz, Anthony H. Gair, Howard Hershenhorn, Jeffrey B. Bloom, Richard M. Steigman, Jerome I. Katz, Ernest R. Steigman, Stephen H. Mackauf, Seymour Boyers and Christopher L. Sallay. Peter J. Saghir was again selected to the Rising Stars list.

Our firm is located in Manhattan and handles all types of catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases from traffic accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice to product liability in New York and New Jersey.

Since 1919, the firm has built is reputation as one of the top injury law firms in the United States by limiting its practice to a select group of serious and substantial tort cases so that extensive personal attention and meticulous trial preparation are afforded to each of our clients on all matters. The results speak for themselves as for the last 10 years our firm has obtained verdicts or settlements exceeding $1 million for more than 425 cases.

Our lawyers are also recognized as experts within the legal community and are regular guest speakers at educational seminars in New York and in the United States. Last July, our managing partner Ben Rubinowitz was awarded the prestigious Robert E. Keaton award for excellence in teaching by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

Our firm has received many accolades including The Best Lawyers in America’s No. 1 ranking for The United States in personal injury and medical malpractice. Last month we were selected as one of the top 50 America’s Elite Trial Lawyers by the National Law Journal and

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gair2014.jpgGair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom & Rubinowitz, a top New York Personal Injury law firm is proud to announce that it has been selected by the National Law Journal and this year to be part of the Top 50 list of America’s Elite Trial Lawyers.

The 50 personal injury firms selected for this list have been doing the most creative and substantial work on the plaintiff side.

To qualify for inclusion, firms had to have scored at least one significant plaintiffs win between Jan. 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, and possess an impressive track record of wins within the past three to five years. A “significant win” meant prevailing in a bench or jury trial or in a major settlement where the stakes were high-for example, a substantial amount of money was at stake or the outcome could have affected litigation strategy or results in similar cases nationally. Also, firms had to devote at least 50 percent of their litigation resources to plaintiffs work and derive half or more of their revenue from plaintiffs-side activities. Firms with higher percentages of plaintiffs-side work were considered.

Among the factors considered in selecting firms were:

• Performance in significant cases, including key rulings, victories at trial and settlements;
• Verdict dollar amount, size of punitive damages penalties, cash settlements;
• Complexity of procedure and substantive law;
• Duration of case, and/or number of class members;
• Willingness to take on large cases and to persevere in the face of adversity;
• Volume of cases handled in a particular time period (sum of accumulated verdicts or settlements);
• Novelty of the claim, cause of action or theory of recovery;
• Impact of litigation results that changed a government or business practice;
• Feedback or acknowledgment from the bench;
• Firm size in relation to impact or recovery amount.

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected for this list and to be recognized as one of the top law firms in the United States. It is a testament to the hard work and endless dedication we provide to our clients”; says Ben Rubinowitz, Managing Partner.

Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom & Rubinowitz, is a New York Personal Injury Law firm based in Manhattan and handling cases throughout New York and New Jersey. The firm was founded in 1919 and has enjoyed a national reputation and a long storied tradition of success for its clients. To provide the highest standard of quality and service to its clients the firm only concentrate on a maximum of 100 cases a year and focus on catastrophic personal injury and general negligence cases including construction accident, auto accident, medical malpractice and product liability.

In the last 10 years, the firm had more than 400 cases resulting in verdicts or settlements exceeding $1 million including $103 million for a child who suffered brain injury at birth and $90 million for a child who suffered cerebral palsy, $27,500,000 verdict for a pedestrian who lost a leg after being struck by a bus, the largest verdict for such an injury in New York State history. The firm also obtained a 26,000,000 settlement for the family of a 35 year old woman who was a pedestrian struck and killed by a truck. This is believed to be the largest settlement in the history of New York for the wrongful death of one individual. The firm is also active in civil rights and represented the family of Amadou Diallo for the wrongful death of their son Amadou, who was shot at 19 times by members of the New York City Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit. The City of New York was forced to pay $3 million to the Diallo family. This amount is the largest amount ever paid by the City of New York in a wrongful-death action for the death of a single individual with no dependents. Additional information is available at

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espailat.jpgAfter visiting a friend at the Emergency Room of the New York Presbyterian/Columbia Medical Center Hospital in Washington Heights in Manhattan, Senator Adriano Espaillat University said he was outraged by the horrendous conditions patients and staff had to deal with. People are lying on stretchers in the hallways, there is no privacy, the staff is overwhelmed, patients are waiting 85 minutes to see a doctor on average and 717 minutes to get a room.

Senator Espaillat is planning to meet with hospital management this week to discuss the problems.

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A 61 year old man died early this morning after a fire engulfed his apartment on Herkimer St. in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. The fireman tried to ressucitate the man after they pulled him out of the fire but he died at the hospital. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the fire marshals.

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Wal-Mart is blaming Tracy Morgan for the injuries he suffered in the June truck accident. In court filings last Monday Wal-Mart said injuries “if any, were caused in whole or in part, by plaintiff’s failure to properly wear an appropriate available seat belt device”. Tracy Morgan can’t believe Wal-Mart is blaming him for an accident that they caused. Read more in the New York Daily News

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326%20West%2037th%20street.jpgA New York City construction worker was crushed to death by a concrete slab that fell off a building adjacent to a construction site in Midtown Manhattan. 27 year old Rodalfo Vasquez-Galian was working on securing the foundations of a future hotel located at 326 West 37th street when the piece of concrete weighing thousands of pounds came loose. According to Rick Chandler, the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Buildings the excavation digging “compromised the foundation of the neighboring building”. In May a complaint that the construction was causing dangerous vibrations in neighboring properties was dismissed after a city inspection. The construction site was also closed in August for one day because of safety violations. Tritel, the construction company owned by hotel developer Sam Chang, has received more than 200 building violations since 2006.
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Early this morning a female pedestrian was rushed to the hospital after she was struck by a car at the intersection of west 79th street and Broadway (read more in the New York Daily News). Since the beginning of this year numerous pedestrians have suffered personal injury or lost their life after being struck by vehicles on some of the larger streets on the Upper West Side. West 79th Street is one of the most dangerous streets on the Upper West Side because motorists exiting and entering the Henry Hudson Parkway use this large street. In February 2014, residents of Community Board 7 made a list of the 4 most dangerous intersections on the Upper West Side one of which was Riverside Drive and 79th street. According to NYC Crashmapper, there is an average 3.23 collisions per month at this intersection. This morning’s accident happened two blocks away on the same street at another dangerous intersection. Crashmapper calculated a rate of 2.42 collisions per month at the intersection of Broadway and 79th street. According to the same source between August 2011 and February 2014 there were 75 collisions at this location. 5 pedestrians, 1 bicyclist, 5 passengers and 4 drivers suffered personal injury as a result of these accidents.

NYC Crashmapper heatmap shows that every intersection on 79th street has a high rate of collisions