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2 teens dead and 2 injured in car crash near Yonkers

accident scene2 young people died and 2 others were injured in a car crash on the Saw Mill Parkway near Yonkers, NY. Investigation is still ongoing as to what exactly happened but speed seems to be a factor. Previous to the accident, the group of teenagers had visited friends in several locations. They were heading South on the Saw Mill River Parkway around 12:45 am when the driver lost control of the vehicle and rolled over.  The accident occurred near the interchange with the Cross Country Parkway.

When the police and EMT arrived they found 17 year old Ali Alghaithi, a Manhattan resident, dead outside the vehicle.  17 year old Abdlwahab (Abdul) Abushaar was still alive  but he later died from his injuries. Two other teens, a 15 year old and an 18 year old were seriously injured and are still hospitalized.

Two of the teens were working together at a cellphone store in Manhattan.

Teen driver driving at night with peer passengers is a recipe for disaster

Car crashes are the number one cause of death among teenagers.  Teens driving at night with other teen passengers in the car have  a very high risk of getting involved in a crash.

Speed and distracted driving are the two main causes of teens car accidents. Additionally, teens frequently forget to buckle up which increases the risk of death in case of a crash.

Teen and speeding is a major issue. A study recently released by the Governor Highway Association and entitled “Teens and Speeding: Breaking the Deadly Cycle”, found that 4930 teen drivers and passengers died in speed related crashes from the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2019.  During the same period 227 teens died in car crashes in New York State with 143 of them 0r 63% dying in crashes related to speed.

In New York State, the Graduated Driver Licensing Law restricts unsupervised night driving and driving with other teenagers to prevent these types of accidents.