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Personal Injury- Tibial Plateau Fractures

Car accidents are a common cause of Tibial Plateau Fractures. It is estimated that approximately 25% of such fractures are caused by pedestrians being struck by cars or other motor vehicles, hence they have been referred to as bumper fractures. In New York City many pedestrians struck by vehicles suffer injury to the Tibial Plateau. The Tibia or shinbone as it is commonly referred to is one of the bones of the lower leg the other being the fibula. It joins and articulates with the lower end of the Femur. The Tibial Plateau is located at the upper end of the Tibia and is part of the knee-joint. It is one of the most important load bearing parts of the body, thus fractures of it often affect knee alignment and stability.

In this video, Dr Nabil Ebraheim, Professor and Chair of Orthopedic Surgery at The University of Toledo, explains what a Tibial Plateau Fracture is and how it affects the knee and leg.

If you are interested in seeing more high quality medical videos from Professor Ebraheim, you can visit his youtube channel or follow him on Google +