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The reckless unlicensed teen driver who killed 4 year old Ariel Russo while fleeing from the police on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was offered a reduced sentence and a sealed record if he plead guilty to manslaughter.

Franklin Reyes was 17 year old when he was busted for fatally hitting 4 year old Ariel Russo with his car as he was fleeing from the cops. According to prosecutors Reyes had been driving illegally since age 15 and was bragging on Facebook about speeding.

Ariel Russo’s family wanted the judge to treat Reyes as an adult and to sentence him with 15 years of jail. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro however called it a difficult case and offered a sealed record along with a light sentence of 16 months to 4 years in jail if Reyes plead guilty to manslaughter. “Although the horrific consequence, not heeding to the police orders to pull over, are grave … weighing in all the factors I do think youthful offender treatment is appropriate,” Carro said.

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