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4 years of Vision Zero efforts have lead to a decline of 28% of all traffic fatalities in NYC including 45% in pedestrian deaths

NYC Traffic fatalities by mode before and after Vision ZeroSince Vision Zero started in 2014, NYC traffic fatalities decreased by 28% while nationally they went up by 15%. According to the Fourth Vision Zero Annual Report that was recently released by the de Blasio Administration, the decline was the strongest in pedestrian deaths. They went down by 45% since the program was launched in 2014.


Last year, under the Vision Zero umbrella, the city installed 832 additional Leading Pedestrians Intervals (LPI). 24.9 miles of protected bike lanes were built leading to a total of more than 60 miles of protected bike lanes in the City. Left turn calming treatments were placed at 110 intersections. 390 speed bumps were also created all over the five boroughs.


6,628 MTA bus operators, 11,015 City fleet operators and 35,010 TLC drivers received a specific Vision Zero education. The TLC honored 420 drivers and 25 businesses for their impeccable safety record. 55 city employees were also honored for training their peers  at the fourth annual Vision Zero Fleets Safety Forum. Vision Zero safety educators visited 1,300 schools in all five boroughs.


NYPD increased speed and failure to yield enforcement. The NYPD summoned 51,728 drivers for failing to yield (four time more than the average before Vision Zero) and 149,910 for speeding. Additionally, through speed cameras, 1,287,968 drivers received automated Speeding Notices of Liability.


Truck sideguards are now a requirement on all new additional trucks purchased by the City. Last year a total of 300 sideguards were installed on existing City trucks and 400 vehicles with already installed sideguards were added to the NYC fleet of vehicles. An additional 330 vehicles with sideguards were purchased last year by the City and expected to be delivered in the near future.


New Initiatives for 2018 include:

  • Update of the Borough Pedestrians Safety Action Plan priority maps based on data from the first 3 years of Vision Zero
  • Senior pedestrians safety
  • Bicycle Priority Districts
  • Develop Vision Zero education for young drivers
  • Continue to identify dangerous intersections and change traffic signals to make them safer

Download the complete Vision Zero Year Four Report