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750 NYC school zones will be equipped with speed cameras soon

Speed cameras have proven to significantly reduce car accidents related to speed in NYC school zones. Sine the first cameras were installed in 2013, statistics show that speeding went down by 63% in the 160 zones where the cameras have been installed. Four million speeding tickets have been issued over four years by the first program. Drivers who exceed by more than 10 miles the 25 mph speed limit receive a fine of $50. This amount is less than a school zone speeding ticket given by an NYPD officer which can go from $300 to $1200 depending on cases. After being caught once, drivers usually slow down and rarely get caught a second time. Speed cameras are an effective way to make drivers slow down, make school zones safer and prevent accidents.

Pilot speed cameras program installed in 2013 were temporarily shut down by NY Senate

The first  school zone speed cameras program was launched as a pilot in 2013 and expired last summer after the NY Senate controlled by Republicans  refused to extend it and increase the number of cameras to 290. In order to keep the program alive Governor Cuomo declared a State of Emergency and allowed a bill signed by mayor de Blasio and created by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Transportation Committee Chair Ydanis Rodriguez to become law. The bill not only extended the actual 160 speed cameras program but also allowed for the installation of an unlimited number of  additional cameras in the city. The bill was temporary and would only expire if a similar program was signed by the NY legislature. To keep it alive Governor Cuomo had to renew the State of Emergency every month.

Last week the NY legislature which is now controlled by Democrats was able to pass  legislation that will equip hundreds of additional school zones with speed cameras. In the next two to three years 750 school zones, including elementary schools, will be equipped with speed cameras.

The new legislation also includes the installation of a pilot program consisting of 20 speed cameras in Buffalo.

Speed cameras will not only save lives but also avoid the pain that families have to go through when a loved one is injured or killed in a car accident.