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After a Wal-Mart truck crashed into Tracy Morgan’s van injuring 3 people and killing one, Lawrence O’Donnell covered the issue of “fatigued truck drivers” on his show last night

Around 4000 people die and more than 100,000 people are injured every year in truck accidents.
Fatigue is one of the most common reasons why truck accidents happen.
Before crashing into Tracy Morgan’s van, the Wal-Mart truck driver didn’t sleep for 24 hours. The National Transportation Safety Board said that the driver was 13 hours into his shift at the time of the accident and the limit is 14 hours. However prior to the start of his shift, the truck driver commuted from his home in Georgia to the Wal-Mart facility in Delaware.
In the video below advocate Ed Slattery from the Truck Safety Coalition and Parents Against Fatigued Truck Drivers and reporter Emma Fitzsimmons from the New York Times join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the truck driver and Wal-Mart responsibility in the accident after a lawsuit was recently filed by Tracy Morgan’s lawyers against Wal-Mart.