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When it comes to medical malpractice claims, New York is nowhere near the most litigious state

Medical Malpractice lawsuit rate per stateThe New York Medical Malpractice lawsuit rate was 19.3 Per 100K residents in 20015. A new study released by Zippia identifies in which  states  the highest and the lowest amount of malpractice lawsuits against medical practitioners were brought in 2015.

For this study Zippia used the data from the National Practitioner Data Bank. The results are somewhat surprising with Louisiana coming first with 44.1 lawsuits Per 100k residents, followed by Oklahoma and Delaware with respectively 36.3 and 35.2 lawsuits Per 100K residents.

New York State came in 31st with 19.3 medical malpractice lawsuits Per 100K residents.

The states with the least amount of medical malpractices lawsuits Per 100K residents are Hawaii (4.9), North Carolina (10.0) and Georgia (11.3).

Graph: courtesy of Zippia