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DNA proves that creepy New York ER doctor committed gross medical malpractice by drugging patient and ejaculating on her

David NewmanIn another case of medical malpractice related to sexual assault in New York, a patient filed a lawsuit against the Mt Sinai Hospital and against Dr David Newman  an ER doctor who allegedly drugged her and then ejaculated on her face.  The patient had checked in at the Mt Sinai Emergency Room for shoulder pain. She was given morphine and was asked by the nurse to remove her bra and put on a gown to get an X-Ray. After the X-Ray, Dr. David Newman walked into the room where the patient was lying on a bed. He told her “I am going to give you a shot of morphine”. The patient told him that she was already given morphine by the nurse but she felt a burning sensation on her arm and believes she was administered another shot of morphine by the doctor. The patient alleged that when the doctor was examining her he started fondling her breast. She also alledged that after forcibly touching her he started masturbating and ejaculated on her face. She couldn’t move because she was heavily medicated. After he finished the doctor wiped the semen off her face. However when the patient woke up she found some left over semen on her face and on her chest and she wiped it with her gown. She then saved the blanket and the gown as evidence. DNA tests matched Dr Newman who was arrested last month and charged with sexual abuse and forcible touching.  The doctor appeared in court yesterday.

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