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E-scooters rentals are planned to arrive next March in New York

e-scooter-4496668_640While e-scooters can be a very convenient way to commute in big cities, e-scooter accidents can result in very bad injuries including head trauma. In New York, it is now legal to ride a E-scooters but by-the minute rental which are already popular in many cities around the world are still not available in the Big Apple. However things are about to change and the city has been recently receiving offers from rental companies to  start providing services to New Yorkers next March.


Manhattan will still be off-limits for e-scooter rental companies. The city will favor areas that are not well served by other transportation options. While the idea to favor areas with less transportation options might sounds like a good idea, it would be interesting to know how the city is planning to protect e-scooter users in these areas.  As a reminder, Citi Bike started to implement their program in the Bronx recently while the DOT has been too slow at installing protected bike lanes in the borough.  The result is an increase of 40% of bicycle accident injuries in the Bronx since the beginning of the year.


Riding E-scooters in areas that have a limited number of  protective infrastructures can have dangerous consequences. A study conducted last year and published in JAMA surgery found that the introduction of e-scooters in American cities have resulted in a significant increase in e-scooter accident injuries and hospital admissions. Between 2014 and 2018, 39,100 e-scooter injuries were recorded with 22,667 occurring during the last two years. Hospital admissions almost doubled, from 715 in 2017 to 1,374 in 2018. A few fatalities were also recorded. While a helmet is recommended while riding a e-scooter, it is usually not mandatory. According to Consumer Reports, a significant number of injuries sustained in e-scooter accidents are head injuries.

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