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It’s Halloween soon! How to prevent “mummy” injuries?

SoMummyInjuriesPosterpeople died and 4000 suffered personal injuries during Halloween activities last year. 40% of the injuries were lacerations from pumpkin carving.  People, especially children, tripping in their costumes and falling caused many injuries as well. Candle fire is also a common cause of injury during Halloween.

Below are a few tips to keep your Halloween celebration fun and prevent it from turning into a real nightmare:

  • Do not give carving knives to children but have them helping you by tracing the design with a marker or scooping big chunks with spoons. Be careful yourself when using the carving knife!
  • Make sure costumes are not too long and are well adjusted to your children’s size so they don’t trip and injure themselves
  • When you buy a costume check for a flame resistant label. Flame-resistant fabrics will resist burning and extinguish quickly
  • Prefer costumes of bright or light colors to be more visible to motorists
  • Always have a flashlight if you or your children walk near a roadway
  • Make sure that hats and masks do not obstruct children’s vision and also make sure that your child can proprely breath through the mask
  • Make sure accessories such as swords and knifes are made of soft and flexible material
  • make sure an adult checks treats before children eat them
  • Use glow sticks or battery operated candles instead of real candles to prevent fire
  • If you are using real candles make sure to keep them away from landings and doorsteps where costumes could brush against the flame
  • Remove obstacles so trick-or-treaters don’t trip

For more info and tips  visit the CPSC website