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Mass Bike Ride to reduce bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents in NYC

Bicyclist and Pedestrian safety rideSo far this year 16 people were killed in a bicycle accident in New York City. This is the highest number of bikers killed over a period of 8 months in the city.  As bicycling is becoming more and more popular in New York, it is important that bikers feel safe when they ride. Pedestrians also are at increased risk of fatal accidents. 74 people died while walking in the streets of New York. Another worrisome problem is the growing number of hit and run fatal accidents. 28 people were killed by hit and run drivers since the beginning of the year. This is higher than the total number of people killed by hit and run drivers over the complete year of 2015.

This Thursday Please join Transportation Alternatives, Families For Safe Streets, Right of Way and Kidical Mass BK  to ride together to demand streets safe for biking and walking. The meeting point is at Fountain of Pamona at East 59th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan at 6:00 pm. The ride will start at 6:30 pm.

Riders want to send a message to Mayor de Blasio that “This is enough” ! Too many bicyclists and pedestrians have been killed or injured in traffic accidents in New York City this year and it has to stop.  Mayor de Blasio is not doing enough to make New York City streets safe. After improving during de blasio’s first two years as mayor, the number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents are increasing again. This Thursday riders will ask the mayor to take immediate action to fast track projects related to the construction of protected bike lanes and safeguarded pedestrian crossings in areas that have been designated priority areas by Vision Zero.

The protest bike ride is a peaceful event.  The ride will be led by those who are the most at risk of being killed or injured in a traffic accident: children and senior bicyclists as well as newbies bicyclists and teens.