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More truck accidents expected in the future in Sunset Park as the nation’s biggest distribution center is supposed to be erected this year

Location-of-the-distributing-centerThird Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, has a long history of truck accidents and it might get even worse with the creation of a new distribution center that has been dubbed the largest distribution center in the country by its developers. Located inside Sunset Industrial Park on Third Avenue between 19th and 21st Street, the future building  will occupy a space that is the equivalent of 22 football fields. The huge 4-story building will feature a ramp system that will allow the transport of goods to awaiting trucks and dispatch merchandise for same day delivery.

Sunset Park residents who were already upset with the actual traffic conditions on Third Avenue, have been asking the city to conduct an impact study but nothing has been done. Since 2019, 6 people were killed in traffic accidents on Third Avenue.

One of the worst street segments in  NYC

When the Gowanus Expressway is congested, many truck drivers and regular motorists use Third Avenue as an alternative and speeding is common. Heavy truck traffic, but also bad lightning conditions due to its location under the Gowanus Expressway as well multiple potholes, car wash exits, double parking and limited safety for pedestrians and cyclists are among the multiple reasons why Third Avenue is so dangerous.

In addition to the giant distribution facility, five other distribution centers are being developed in the area including two built by Amazon at 640 Columbia Street and 280 Richard Street.

Health issue for residents

Residents of  Sunset Park are not only concerned that the new distribution center will lead to more truck accidents but also will tremendously reduce air quality. Previous studies have shown that sunset Park and Red Hook residents have a very high rate of asthma.

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Picture of the location of the future largest distribution center in America: courtesy of Google Map


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