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New York Hospital may have committed medical malpractice by negligently exposing 4000 patients to HIV and Hepatitis

Nurses at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Long Island , NY may have committed medical malpractice by using the same insulin pen on multiple patients. At this point there is no formal proof that it happened but the warning came after a nurse was heard saying that it was acceptable to use a multidose insulin pen on different patients. To use a multidose pen on different patients is medical malpractice that can have deadly consequences for patients. Even though the pen has disposable needles, it can only be used for one patient because the blood can seep into the insulin cartridge and contaminate the hormone.

After the nurse’s comment was overheard, the hospital contacted more than 4000 patients that had received an injection with a multidose pen to be screened for HIV as well as Hepatits B and Hepatits C.

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