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NYPD recklesss drivers increase risks of car accidents in NYC

accident sceneReckless driving can cause dangerous car accidents in NYC and NYPD officers who are  supposed  to lead by example  and prevent such behavior are indeed the worst offenders. After investigating the driving habits of NYPD personal, Streetblog found that some NYPD officers were repeatedly ticketed for serious violations.  Among the wort drivers was a Park Slope, Brooklyn cop who accumulated 58 serious moving violations and another cop from Harlem in Manhattan who got 41 of them.

Globally when comparing regular drivers to cop drivers, police officers drive their regular car twice as recklessly as regular New Yorkers. Streetblog found that 36% of regular New Yorkers had their car ticketed once for a serious violation compared to 58% for cops’ personal cars. Additionally 19% of regular people’s cars received a second serious violation compared to 37% of cops’ personal cars.

Streetblog also found that if the Reckless Driver Accountability Act would pass, more cops’ cars than regular New Yorkers’  cars would be seized by the City

The pending bill proposed by Council Member Brad Lander would authorize the City to seize the cars with 5 or more speed camera tickets issued in a period of 12 months.

Lander confirmed to StreetBlog that cops’ cars, taxis and other council members’ cars would not be exempted by his bill. The Reckless Driver Accountability Act was proposed by Council Member Brad Lender after a reckless driver with multiple serious driving violations killed two young children in a cross path in Brooklyn and seriously injured their two mothers. Our firm represents actress Ruthie Ann Blumenstein, one of the mothers, who lost her 4 year old daughter Abigail in the accident. At the time of the accident, Ruthie Ann Blumenstein was 39 weeks pregnant. As a consequence of the serious injuries sustained in the accident she also lost her unborn child two months later.

Our NYC car accident attorneys are hopeful that The Reckless Driver Accountability Act will soon pass so that such tragedy can be avoided. Reckless drivers, cops or regular New Yorkers, should not be allowed on our streets.