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To prevent abuses that can lead to dangerous truck accidents the FMCSA proposes a Rule that will protect drivers from coercion by carriers, shippers, brokers and other industry party

truck.jpgTruck accidents are more likely to happen when truck drivers are being harassed or coerced to drive in unsafe conditions. For years, unscrupulous dispatchers have been threatening truck drivers with economic penalties such as the loss of their job for refusing to operate under illegal conditions. Often drivers are being pressured to work past the limits of the hours of service rules or to drive trucks with mechanical problems. The new Coercion Rule proposed by the FMCSA prohibits carriers and others from coercing a driver to violate the commercial regulations. The proposal also includes procedures for drivers to report coercion. The penalty for violating the Rule can go up to $11,000 per occurrence. Carriers and brokers can also have their authorities revoked.

The Rule was posted in the federal register and the public has 90 days to comment on this Rule.

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