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Two days after a similar accident killed a 5 year old pedestrian, a driver attempting to parallel park killed an elderly woman who was crossing the street in Brooklyn

A 77 year old pedestrian was crossing a residential street in Brooklyn when she was struck and suffered injury leading to her death by a 2014 Mercedes Benz attempting to parallel park. Marlene Baharlias, 77, was jaywalking when she stepped off an East 19th street curb mid-block between Avenue U and Avenue T in Sheepshead Bay around 2:20 p.m. yesterday and was mowed down, cops said. Read more in the Gothamist.

Erratum (3/20): according to an in depth article from Streetblog that came a day after the accident was announced in the local media, Marlene Baharlias was killed Tuesday in Sheepshead Bay by a driver who witnesses say backed onto a sidewalk – contrary to anonymous NYPD sources who told the Post the victim was jaywalking. We apologize to our readers.

A similar accident happened two days ago, also in Brooklyn, when a young child was attempting to cross the street with his mother and a car backed into them killing the 5 year old boy (see previous blog).

Even though data consistently show drivers are usually at fault in crashes that hurt and kill NYC pedestrians, jaywalking is a common behavior among New York pedestrians but it can have terrible consequences. Recently Brooklyn cops has been trying to crack down on this dangerous behavior by giving jaywalkers fake tickets with a warning notice like the one below.