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A 32 year old woman died and three other people suffered personal injury in a motorcycle accident on the Queensboro Bridge in New York City

An impaired motorcycle driver caused an accident that killed a 32 year old woman last Saturday around 3:20 am near the 60th street exit ramp of the Ed Koch-Queensboro Bridge. Tasha Rodriguez was a passenger on a motorcycle driven by a 30 year old friend when another of their friends, 28 year old Jeremy Perez who was riding behind them on another bike rear-ended them. Rodriguez fell off the bike and was ran over by Perez. She died in the accident. Both motorcycle drivers as well as the 21 year old  passenger of Perez suffered personal injury.  Perez was arrested and charged for driving while impaired. Witnesses said that just before the fatal NY motorcycle accident happened they saw five motorcycles driving at high speed and weaving in and out of traffic.  Read more in the NY Daily News . Motorcycle riders must understand and respect the fact that motorcycles are powerful machines, not toys and the rider and passenger are totally unprotected. It goes without saying that one should never ride while impaired. Further riders should never ride bikes above their experience levels.