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The brutal shooting of two black men by the police triggers outrage all over the country

altonsterlingPhilando CastilleAlton Sterling and Philando Castille are the two most recent victims of an epidemic of police brutality and discrimination against African Americans all over this country. These two men died this week in two separate incidents during which both of them were literally executed by the police.

On Tuesday a gruesome video circulated among social media and news channels showing two policemen from Baton Rouge, Louisiana murdering Alton Sterling while they were  holding him down on the ground. The video shows that he was not resisting.

A day later, Philando Castille was in his car with his wife and daughter in Falcon Heighth, Minesota, when he got stopped by the police for a a defective tail light. As he was reaching to his back pocket get his I.D in his wallet the cop  shot him for no reason. His wife streamed a video live on Facebook as he was dying in front of her.

The racial profiling and targeting by the police of African-Americans isn’t anything new in America but now everybody can take a video on their phone and instantly share it on social media, making it much easier to expose the epidemic of police brutality and racial profiling that has been ravaging this country.

Our lawyers are known for their expertise in the area of civil rights in connection with police brutality. A team of attorneys  led by Anthony Gair, represented the family of Amadou Diallo who died after being shot at 41 times and hit 19 by New York City Police Officers in 1999. Our firm obtained a $3 million recovery from the City of New York, at the time the largest amount that had ever been paid by the City for the wrongful death of a single individual with no dependants and minimal earnings . We understand the intricacies of pleading and proving  Damages for Loss of Life in a New York Wrongful Death Action for Violation of Civil Rights Brought Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1983.

The NYC police brutality lawyers at Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf have years of experience representing people who have suffered serious personal injury or death as a result of police brutality.  If excessive force has been used by the police against you or a faimily member resulting in serious injury or death please contact us to discuss your case.

In the video below Anthony Gair is interviewed during the Amadou Dialo Criminal Trial and explains the racial profiling by the NYPD at the time of the Diallo shooting. Unfortunately not much has changed.