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Most common Pokemon Go Injuries

Reports of people suffering personal injury while playing Pokemon Go are growing as players glued to their phone screen forget to evaluate their surroundings. The Daily Mail reports that a man broke his collar bone on the first day of the game release and that doctors reported a lot of bruises, blisters, sunburns and some sprains, fractures and broken bones as well.

Despite being a great way to get teenagers and young people to  do some outdoor activities, some of them are so enthusiastic about the game that they forget about basic dangers. Crossing the busy New York City  intersections with your eyes glued to your phone screen is not a good idea.  Driving your car while playing Pokemon Go is a total no no. In New York a man crashed his car into a tree while playing Pokemon Go while driving.  Riding your bike while playing Pokemon Go is also dangerous and not recommended.  The NYPD  recently issued a statement on how to safely catch Pokemons and also recommend that people travel in groups to avoid being targeted by predators.