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Free Defibrillators for New York male baseball teams only

To prevent kids from dying when they get hit hard in the chest while playing baseball, the city of New York offered free defibrillators to all male youth baseball teams but not the female softball teams. Apparently the city’s budget for defibrillators was not sufficient to cover all youth baseball and soft ball teams so they just offered them to the boys teams. The softball coaches are outraged and asked the city why the youth female teams do not get a free defibrillator.  Despite statistics showing that commotio cordis happens more frequently to young male players than female players both boys and girls deserves the same protection in case of such an accident.

When a baseball or softball player get hit hard in the chest by a ball, he or she can suffer commotio cordis which is a condition during which the heart stops working properly. It affects mostly young athletes and leads to deaths in 65% of the cases.  Victims are usually saved from death using a defibrillator to provide a shock to the heart to try to restart it.

Last May Mayor deBlasio signed a law to provide a free automated external defibrillator for baseball leagues who play on city fields but not for the softball teams or other sports teams.

Because it can save lives,  a defibrillator should be available at every sport field in the city. Read more in the NY Daily News.