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Construction Safety Week 2023: Strong Voices, Safe Choices to prevent injuries and fatalities in the construction industry

construction workers have a high risk of fatalityThis week is “Construction Safety Week”, an annual awareness campaign to reduce construction accident injuries and fatalities. As attorneys representing injured construction workers and their families we strongly advocate for the theme of this year’s Construction Safety Week: Strong Voices, Safe Choices. It’s time for construction workers to empower each other to speak up and take action when they see something unsafe.

Each day of the week, employers are invited to discuss with their workers a different safety topic. Here are the topic for each day of the week.

 Monday: Engagement

Establishing a culture of safety is essential to creating a safe work environment. This requires engagement from everyone, from managers to workers. Planning, communicating, observing, and improving are all critical steps in creating a safer workplace. Empowering workers to use their Strong Voices to back each other up and make Safe Choices is crucial to achieving a safer work environment.

Tuesday: Risk Identification

Identifying risks and hazards is a critical step in minimizing exposure and harm. Anyone working on a construction site must be able to assess hazards and identify critical steps in their activities to make them safe. Open communication is key to having a stronger, safer workplace where all workers look out for one another. It’s time to prioritize risk identification and management to prevent accidents from happening.

Wednesday: Brain Matters

Protecting construction workers brains physically is just as important as ensuring that they take care of their mental health. The use of safety helmets offers the most protection the industry has seen to date, and companies are encouraged to switch from hard hats to helmets. Fighting the stigma surrounding mental health issues helps all construction workers stay stronger and safer together. Both physical and mental health must be prioritized in the workplace.

Thursday: Continue Learning and Demonstration Day

Sharing lessons learned on making tasks safer and more efficient can improve overall safety for all workers. An interactive demonstration led by experienced crew members that encourages participation can be both educational and fun.

Friday: Take Action and Thank You

Safety Week provides an opportunity for craft workers to come together and commit to creating a safer working environment. Employers, workers and construction worker advocates must continue to take action to prioritize safety in the workplace. Each and every person who participated in Safety Week this year should be thanked as their commitment to safety is crucial to ensuring a safer workplace for all.

Safety Week serves as an important reminder of the critical role that safety plays in our industry. It’s time for all workers to empower each others to use their Strong Voices to make Safe Choices. By prioritizing engagement, risk identification, brain protection, and continuous learning, the construction industry can create a safer workplace for everyone. All participants should  work together to make construction sites safer and eliminate preventable accidents.