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Contractor’s Mistakes Lead to Construction Worker’s Terrifying Fall

proper house cleaning on construction sites can prevent dangerous fallsLast Thursday at around 9:09 a.m., a worker was injured after he fell between buildings on the construction site of a two-building affordable housing complex located at 151-165 Broom Street in the Lower East Side. The fall occurred from a height of approximately 30 feet, equivalent to three stories. Fortunately, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) successfully rescued the worker by cutting open a wall to access the gap. Rescuing the trapped worker was far from easy. Despite the difficulties, the rescue team remained diligent in their efforts to extract the worker unharmed.

Contractor Negligence

The preliminary report released by the Department of Buildings (DOB) revealed significant oversights on the part of the contractor. The worker had fallen from a pipe scaffolding on the building’s third floor that was found to be covered in debris, posing a hazardous working environment. Most alarmingly, the area between the two buildings where the worker got stuck was left uncovered, leading to the life-threatening fall.

In response to the inspection findings, the DOB promptly issued a Stop Work Order on the site and cited the contractor for violations. The violations included “inadequate housekeeping” and the contractor’s failure to safeguard workers. These penalties serve as a reminder that contractors must prioritize safety and adhere to regulations to prevent such accidents.

This construction accident underscores the importance of holding contractors accountable for their negligence. The worker’s fall was the result of inadequate safety precautions and disregard for proper housekeeping. As construction accident lawyers, we urge construction workers to be aware of their rights and seek legal assistance in cases of preventable accidents. It is crucial for contractors to prioritize safety measures and ensure the well-being of their workers to avoid such accidents in the future.

Picture: DOB awareness campaign in the NYC Subway about the importance of proper house cleaning to prevent trips and falls