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New York pedestrians will be permanently protected from dangerous accidents on Broadway between 35th street and 41st street

The two pedestrians plazas located between 35th street and 41st street in Manhattan will be remodeled and made permanent. The garment district alliance is working with the DOT to make this area a “true public space”. As part of its NYC Plaza Program, the NYC Department of Transportation is working with various non-profit organizations to develop neighborhood plazas in New York City. Not only is this type of plaza very efficient in protecting pedestrians from being injured in traffic accidents but they also provide quality open space to NYC residents. Non profit organizations in NYC can submit their proposal to the DOT. The DOT will conduct analysis such as traffic and pedestrian counts, crash data, impact on parking, impact on bike lanes, truck lanes and bus lanes to study the viability of the plaza proposal. If the proposal is selected, the DOT will first set up a temporary “One Day Plaza” at the selected location. If the outcome is positive , the next step is an interim plaza and the final step is a permanent fixture.

For now the two Broadway plazas located between 35th and 41st street are interim plazas but according to an exclusive article from the Daily News, they will become permanent fixtures.

pedestrian plazas

Picture: courtesy of Google Map