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Pedestrian killed by two hit and run drivers in “senior pedestrian zone”

Location of the fatal hit and run accidentAs pedestrian accident lawyers, we have seen the devastating aftermath of road accidents far too often. The recent tragedy involving Yvonne Sandiford, a cherished 79-year-old Brooklyn resident, is a reminder that our streets are failing the most vulnerable among us.

The accident, which unfolded on a dangerous street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, involved not one, but two hit-and-run drivers. It is a grim portrayal of the violence that can occur on our roads — violence that should be met with the same urgency and prevention as any other act of violence in our society.

It is deeply troubling that this fatal crash occurred within what is designated as a Senior Pedestrian Zone — areas where the city has pledged to enhance safety for older residents. Yet, the intersection of Herkimer Street and New York Avenue, notorious for being perilous, had seen no safety upgrades. This is not just a failure of infrastructure but a failure of duty to protect those who are most at risk.

The statistics in the area are alarming. Since January 2022, New York Avenue alone has witnessed 45 reported crashes in just a two-block radius. This staggering number points to a broader, systemic problem — a pattern of neglect that puts everyday citizens at risk.

Upgrading dangerous intersections and creating more pedestrian spaces are not just items on a checklist; they are essential steps toward safeguarding our citizens. Additionally, there must be a commitment to consistent efforts in improving traffic safety, which includes investing in safe infrastructure, enhancing driver and pedestrian education, and enforcing responsible policies.

Legal Perspective

From a legal standpoint, victims and their families deserve justice and a commitment to change. As pedestrian accident lawyers, we advocate for the victims of such negligence and work tirelessly to hold responsible parties accountable. The law must be a tool for change, compelling our city to make the necessary improvements to prevent future tragedies.

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