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Preliminary investigations show a double-decker bus was speeding and ran a red-light when it slammed into a MTA bus in Manhattan

Double_Decker Bus_TopViewA devastating bus collision that occurred in Manhattan last Thursday left  numerous individuals injured. Initial investigations conducted by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) have revealed that a double-decker tour bus, operated by Topview NYC, was speeding when it collided with an MTA bus at the intersection of 1st Ave and E. 23rd Street.

Eyewitness accounts vividly described the  moment when the MTA bus was struck by the speeding tour bus. The sheer force of the impact shattered the windows of the tour bus, leaving no doubt about the severity of the accident. Prompt response from first responders helped free passengers trapped inside the tour bus and provided immediate aid to those injured on both buses. In total, 36 individuals were transported to nearby hospitals, while 10 others received treatment at the accident scene.

Expressing deep concern, MTA President Richard Davey highlighted the reckless driving behavior exhibited by the tour bus operator. Preliminary findings indicate that the tour bus ran a red light, striking the MTA bus not once, but twice, before ultimately rebounding. The excessive speed at which the tour bus was traveling only exacerbates the gravity of the situation. Such irresponsible actions behind the wheel put innocent lives at risk and demand accountability.

Regrettably, this incident is not the first time that double-decker tour companies in Manhattan have demonstrated negligence, leading to injury and harm. In fact, our team of bus accident attorneys has previously secured an unprecedented $85 million verdict for a pedestrian struck by a double-decker bus. This landmark verdict stands as the highest 2018 verdict in New York State. The victim endured 11 surgical operations, nine of which occurred during a 78-day hospitalization.

The accident raises serious concerns in regards to the regulation of this popular tourist transportation option. The management of these buses has been caught in a legal gray area, lacking clear oversight from federal, state, and local laws. As a result, double-deckers are exempt from certain safety standards and regulations, leaving passengers potentially at risk. Operators are not subject to background checks, driving tests, or regular physical exams. Shockingly, there are no restrictions on drug and alcohol use within six hours of driving tourists driving tourists, and sex offenders can be hired as drivers. Additionally, companies are not required to carry significant personal injury policies, report driver information, or maintain reasonable fares. The lack of comprehensive regulations raises serious concerns about the safety and transparency of the double-decker tour bus industry.

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