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Summer program for undergraduates interested in injury science research

Engineering-study-of-injury-in-car-crashPreventing personal injuries and saving lives is a component of safety and public health. Every year, the Center for Injury Research and Prevention is offering several summer programs to undergraduates who are interested in injury science research. Students who have limited access to research opportunities such as American Indian Natives, Alaskan Natives Black and Latino students as well as women, vets and people with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply.

The 10-week program takes place over the summer and provides students with hands-on research experience, participation in multidisciplinary research approach  and one-on-one mentoring by leading scientists. Students receive a $5000 stipend as well as help for their travel expenses and will be housed for free in separate units for projects requiring in-person participation. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the projects will be held remotely but the situation may change depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

This summer the projects will be split in 3 areas: Engineering, Behavioral Science and Epidemiology.

Students who will be part of the engineering group will learn how to design and conduct laboratory based and real-world engineering studies, how to collect data, analyze them and interpret them.  Students participating in the engineering research program will be split in 5 different projects looking at driving behaviors, crash analysis, kinematics and kinetics of the human body in crash conditions and motor control for children with cerebral palsy.

Students who will be part of the behavioral science group will have the opportunity to study on a project related to injury to young children caused by interpersonal violence or another project looking at social difficulties encounter by children suffering from high-functioning autism spectrum disorder.

The epidemiology students will be split into two projects, one related to concussion and the other one related to the neural and neuropsychological factors underlying risky driving behaviors in teen drivers.

More information on this program can be found here

Picture source: Wikipedia