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The Metro-North Train Accident in New York was the result of a deficient safety culture according to the safety review performed by Federal Railroad Administration

A FRA investigation prompted by the Metro North Deadly New York Train Accident found that “Metro North’s management emphasis on-time performance to the detriment of safe operations and adequate maintenance of its infrastructure, resulting in a deficient safety culture, increased risk and reduced safety on the Metro North system”. Metro North has 60 days to submit a plan to the FRA on how to address these safety concerns.

This in depth safety assessment, named “Operation Deep Dive” was conducted over 60 days by 14 teams consisting of 60 technical and human factors experts covering the following areas:

– Track Safety – Workers Safety – Metro North Policies and Procedures – Blue Signal Protection – Rolling Stock Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair – Fatigue Management – Engineer and Conductors Certifications – Testing Programs – Medical Records – System Safety Regulations
The FRA identified three overarching safety concern

– An overemphasis of on-time performance;
– An ineffective Safety Department and poor safety culture; and – An ineffective training program
The FRA also identified specific safety-critical shortfalls for each area and recommended specific action to address them. Below is a table that summarizes the main findings and recommendations

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