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To improve pedestrian safety Mayor Adams announces the removal of parking spots from 1,000 NYC intersections

Parking spaces close to intersections can be dangerous to pedestriansMayor Eric Adams’ recent announcement to remove parking spots from 1,000 New York City intersections annually represents a significant stride towards enhancing pedestrian safety. This move, essential for protecting pedestrians from drivers, comes in the wake of several tragic traffic incidents, including the heart-wrenching losses of a 3-year-old boy in Queens and 7-year-old Kamari Hughes in Brooklyn.

As pedestrian accident attorneys, we see firsthand the aftermath of traffic accidents and understand the importance of proactive measures to prevent them. The “daylighting” initiative – the strategy behind this move – aims to improve driver visibility at intersections, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents. It’s a commendable effort to prioritize pedestrian safety in urban planning.

Despite these efforts, New York City’s streets remain perilous. This year alone, over 225 traffic-related fatalities, including 82 pedestrians and 27 cyclists, have been reported. These numbers are not just statistics; they represent lives lost and families shattered.

Road users, especially drivers, have a legal duty of care towards others. The removal of parking spots at intersections is a step towards ensuring that drivers can better fulfill this duty by improving visibility. In cases where poor visibility at intersections contributes to accidents, this initiative could impact how liability is determined. Better visibility could mean fewer excuses for drivers involved in accidents. As legal professionals, we foresee that these changes could become significant factors in future traffic accident cases, particularly in assessing negligence and determining liability.

While Mayor Adams’ initiative is a positive step, it’s crucial to continue advocating for comprehensive street redesigns and lower speed limits. These measures, along with effective enforcement, can further diminish the risk of reckless driving.

The Role of Legal Advocacy

Our role as legal advocates extends beyond the courtroom. We must support policies that promote safer streets and hold accountable those who fail to adhere to safety standards. The tragedies that bring clients to our offices are often preventable, and initiatives like daylighting are steps in the right direction.

The removal of parking spots at 1,000 intersections each year is a bold, necessary step towards making New York City’s streets safer for all. As legal professionals, we applaud this initiative and remain committed to supporting measures that enhance road safety and reduce traffic-related fatalities. We also stand ready to represent and support those affected by traffic accidents, advocating for their rights and for a safer, more pedestrian-friendly city.