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Two people dead including a pedestrian and a e-scooter rider and two others injured in 3 NYC car accidents that occurred early morning on Monday

accident sceneIn less than 8 hours, 2 people were injured and 2 people died in car crashes in New York City.

A pedestrian was killed and another one was seriously injured in a car accident early Monday morning

The two men in their 40ies were crossing the street mid-block near Rockaway Boulevard and Woodhaven Boulevard  in Ozone Park, Queens, around 12:30 am on Monday when they got struck by a car. They were both transported to the hospital. One of them died and the other one is clinging to life. The victim who passed away was identified as Marcelo Pelaez. The 30 year old driver of the car and his pregnant wife who was sitting in the passenger seat were not injured. They stayed at the scene of the accident. The driver was not charged. (Read more in the NY Daily News)

A man suffered injury after being t-boned by a reckless driver

Less than two hours later, a little bit before 2:00 am, a 25 year old driver, identified as Naiquon Mackey, blew a red light and T-boned another car in Brooklyn. The impact was so strong that his car jumped the curb and crashed into another building. Naiquon then tried to run away but he was caught by a neighborhood watch group and later on arrested by the police. He faces multiple charges including operating an unregistered vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident. The occupant of the other car was injured and transported to the hospital where he was in stable condition.  (Read more in the NY Daily New

A few hours later a pick up truck fatally hit a man riding an electric scooter in Queens

According to the NYPD, the scooter driver veered into the path of the  pick up truck and got slammed by the vehicle. the 58 year old driver of the scooter was identified as Li Ren. He was rushed to the hospital but he did not survive his injuries. While the NYPD said that no criminality was suspected and did not charge the driver, StreetBlog mentions that the pick up truck had eight speeding tickets and one red-light ticket. Six of the the tickets were accumulated since March 2020. Maybe if the truck driver had been more careful Li Ren would still be alive. (read more in the NY Daily News)