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A few tricks to keep you safe on Halloween!

Halloween-InjuriesAlmost 5000 people suffer Halloween related personal injuries every year in the US. So be careful and don’t be one of them! Almost half of the injuries were related to pumpkin carving activities. More than a quarter of them were falls. Burns are common and allergic reactions also send a few people to the emergency room every year.

Preventing injuries while carving pumpkins

Carving monsters in pumpkins can result in real blood. Adults should always be present during this activity. A good way to avoid injuries is to share responsibilities. Children will  draw the design with a marker and use a spoon to scoop the inside while adults will be in charge of the carving itself. Using a battery operated light inside the jack-o-lantern instead of candles will prevent fire accidents.

Avoiding getting injured by DIY costumes

When preparing your costume, make sure to use fabric that doesn’t burn easily. Baggy costumes also should be avoided as they can cause trips and falls which are among the most common accidents during Halloween. If you or your kids  wear a mask, make sure vision and breathing are proper. Using reflective tape on the costume or bright colors is a good way to avoid car accidents. Sadly Hallowen is also a night during which the risk of children being fatally hit by a car doubles! While black is the preferred color for Halloween, how about creating spooky elements with reflective tape? It will add fun to the costume while keeping your children safe. The use of  battery operated LED lights in costume decoration is also a great idea to increase visibility.

Safe Halloween Decorations

Decorations are also some of the most important elements of a perfect Halloween night! Fire and injuries related to fire can easily be prevented by using battery operated lights or glow sticks instead of candles. Make sure that decorations are not in the way of the trick-or-treaters. Free the entrance to your house or apartment from anything than can be an obstacle to avoid trip and fall injuries. Also make sure you are safe when you install or take down your spooky decorations, especially if you are using a ladder!

Happy Halloween and Keep Safe!

Infographic: courtesy of CPSC