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Child sexual abuse complaint filed against Kevin Spacey in New York State Supreme Court

New York Child sexual abuse lawyer Ben Rubinowitzpeter-blog-headshotHollywood Star Kevin Spacey sexually abused two children when they were only 14 years old. As with most pedophiles, Spacey groomed these children, took advantage of their youth and engaged in abusive sexual acts. Spacey’s conduct was not only improper, but it was a crime. “There is no justification for this conduct. These children were underage and had no ability to consent to Spacey’s sexual advances. Simply put, Spacey engaged in acts of, among other things, rape,” said Ben Rubinowitz who, along with Peter Saghir, has been handling cases of sexual abuse for years. “This action has been brought pursuant to New York’s Child Victims Act, a law that was recently passed allowing victims of sexual abuse to bring civil claims against abusers as well as institutions such as schools, churches and camps.  No matter when the abuse occurred, the law currently allows claims for sexual abuse that were once barred by the statute of limitations to be revived and filed through August 14, 2021,” said Saghir.  A copy of the complaint filed against Spacey can be found here.

Our firm is dedicated to representing victims of sexual abuse

Our goal has always been to make sure that victims of sexual abuse receive the justice to which they are entitled. Children, who are often the targets of sexual predators, are frequently afraid to report the abuse out of embarrassment, humiliation and fear of punishment or retaliation. As a result, these crimes have gone unpunished for years as pedophiles and institutions have been able to hide behind statutes of limitations that prevented lawsuits from being filed. “Now that the law has changed and victims of sexual abuse can bring claims in our civil courts, victims of abuse will finally be able to receive justice,” said Rubinowitz. “Our firm will work tirelessly to make sure victims of sexual abuse receive the justice they have been denied for years.”

Gair, Gair,Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf has the largest individual settlement paid by the Catholic Church for sexual abuse in New York

From 2003 through 2009, Angelo Serrano, a long time volunteer in a Catholic Church in Brooklyn, preyed upon and sexually abused four young children in the church and a nearby daycare center.  “The priests and staff at the church ignored clear warning signs of Serrano’s inappropriate behavior with young boys that allowed the abuse to continue unchecked for years,” said Saghir.  “The psychological damage suffered by these young boys will be with them forever.”  After successfully defeating motions brought by the church to dismiss the case, the action was settled on the eve of trial for a record setting sum of $27,500,000 (read more here ). Additionally, we are one of the few firms that isn’t afraid to try sexual abuse cases before a jury. More than a decade ago we successfully obtained an $11.4 Million verdict in Nassau County for child victims of sexual abuse  (see article in the New York Times)