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Construction Safety in NYC: Decrease in Fatalities But Rise in Injuries Requires Attention

NYC Construction accident injuries and deaths in 2023As New York City construction accident attorneys, we are continually monitoring the trends and statistics related to construction safety in our city. Despite the overall high levels of construction activity, which naturally elevates the potential for hazardous incidents, there has been a notable decrease in fatalities within the industry. According to the Department of Buildings (DOB), there was a 36% decline in fatal incidents related to building construction activities in 2023, a nine-year low with seven workers tragically losing their lives.

However, this positive trend in reduced fatalities does not overshadow a concerning increase in the number of reported incidents and injuries on construction sites. Injuries have increased by 38% over the past three years as construction activity resumed post-pandemic. Notably, 2023 saw a significant rise in incidents such as ladder falls, stair falls, and tripping—common types of accidents that often lead to severe injuries.

From a legal perspective, it’s crucial to recognize that each injury and fatality is not just a statistic but represents a worker and their family facing significant distress

It emphasizes the importance of maintaining rigorous safety standards and continuous training for all construction workers. Safety compliance must be enforced rigorously, and workers need to be equipped with the best possible tools and knowledge to protect themselves.

In light of these developments, contractors and safety supervisors must take decisive steps to drastically reduce the risk of worker falls, the leading cause of fatalities and serious injuries on construction sites. Adherence to DOB and OSHA safety regulations, such as proper use of guardrails, controlled access zones near leading edges, and the enforcement of appropriate fall arrest systems and harnesses, is more crucial than ever.

As legal advocates for injured construction workers, we are committed to ensuring that all construction sites adhere to the highest safety standards and that all workers receive the protection they deserve. We also stand ready to assist any workers and their families in seeking justice and compensation for injuries sustained due to lapses in safety measures or negligence on the part of employers or other parties.