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Delivery cyclist in critical condition after being doored in Brooklyn

AmbulanceAs attorneys specializing in bicycle accidents, we would like to address the perilous issue of “dooring” accidents in  New York City. A recent tragedy in Brooklyn underscores the urgent need for awareness and preventive measures against this often-overlooked hazard.

In Cypress Hills, a food delivery worker on a scooter experienced a life-threatening incident that highlights the dangers faced by cyclists and scooter riders daily. While navigating Fulton Street, the individual was struck by an opened car door from a parked orange car. This collision resulted in severe injuries, leaving the victim unresponsive and critically injured with a head injury. Witnesses at the scene and surveillance footage confirm the sudden and devastating impact of the dooring.

This incident is not isolated but represents a wider issue within our urban landscapes. “Dooring,” or the act of a car occupant opening their door into the path of an oncoming cyclist or scooter rider, poses significant risks. The abrupt and unexpected nature of these incidents leaves the rider with little to no time to react, often leading to severe injuries or even fatalities.

As cyclists and scooter riders share the roads with motor vehicles, both parties must practice vigilance and respect. For drivers, this means checking mirrors and blind spots before opening doors. For cyclists and scooter riders, staying alert and anticipating possible dangers from parked cars is crucial.

The legal implications of dooring incidents in New York are complex

While the immediate focus is on the victim’s recovery, questions of negligence, road safety laws, and the responsibilities of drivers and cyclists come to the forefront. As attorneys, we advocate for the rights of cyclists and scooter riders, emphasizing the need for legal protections and safer road-sharing practices. We stand ready to support those affected by dooring incidents and to fight for the necessary changes to make our streets safer for everyone.