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NYC drunk driver who killed his 8 year old son arrested and indicted

accident sceneA man who was drunk behind the wheels crashed his car into a telephone pole. His son who was in the car with him was critically injured  and rushed to the hospital where he died five days later. The man refused to surrender and the police had to track him down, He was arrested two weeks later and charged in an 18-count indictment including manslaughter.

The accident occurred on August 26th around 6:50 am. 34 year old Victor Mitchell from Central Avenue in Albany, was driving his Honda with his son in Far Rockaway when he crashed his car into a telephone pole. His 8 year old son, Sincere, was on board. When the police arrive they found that Mitchell had a blood alcohol content of .118. He also tested positive for Marijuana.

Tragic death

His son was seriously injured in the car accident and was rushed to the hospital. He underwent emergency surgery to repair a tear in his heart. He could not breath by himself so he was placed on a ventilator and life support. 5 days later, it was determined that the little boy was brain dead and he was taken off life support.

His father refused to surrender  but the police found him in Yonkers.  He recently appeared in front of a Queens County grand jury that indicted him with aggravated vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter in the first and second degree, criminally negligent homicide, aggravated driving while intoxicated, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, operating a motor vehicle while impaired by combined use of drugs or of alcohol and drugs, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child. He is facing up to 25 years in prison.

His lawyer said his client fell asleep at the wheel and it wasn’t alcohol that caused the death of the young boy.

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