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One dead and one injured in truck accident in the Bronx, NYC

tractor-trailer-accident-locationThe driver of a tractor trailer died in an accident in New York City yesterday afternoon. According to the police, 63 year old Atlas Banks may have suffered a heart attack while he was driving his Freightliner tractor trailer Thursday afternoon in the Bronx. As he was making a left turn onto Coster from Randall, the tractor trailer jumped the curb and hit a pole. Then the truck just kept going hitting a parked car with passengers on board and a parked pick-up truck. The pick up truck then hit two other parked vehicles.

The driver of the truck was rushed to the hospital but he couldn’t be saved. The front passenger of the parked car suffered neck and back pain and was transported to the hospital to be treated. Read more in the NY Daily News

Keeping in shape while driving a truck is not always easy

Heart disease is one of the most serious and dangerous illness affecting truck drivers.  Driving a truck, especially a large truck such as a tractor trailer is a stressful activity. Managing and controlling a fully loaded truck while dealing with the various hazards of the roads and the tight delivery schedules can result in increased stress levels.

Additionally, sitting for long periods like truck drivers do can increase the risk of  blood clots, heart disease and cardiac problems.  Unhealthy diets, obesity which affect almost 70% of long haul truck drivers, diabetes and smoking are  also factors that can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Therefore it is very important for truck drivers not only to do their best to maintain a healthy lifestyle but also to check on their health on a regular basis.  (see article for a list of exams that should be effectuated by truck drivers based on their age.)

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