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Preventing Construction Accidents by Creating a Culture of Safety

construction NYCAssuring a culture of safety on construction sites, allow a construction company not only to to make sure employees are safe and accidents are prevented but also to keep employees’ compensation costs under control control and have a spotless reputation.

Even small construction companies can install a few metrics that can go a long way in preventing accidents and reducing costs such as:

  • Substance abuse programs: previous studies have shown that alcohol and/or drugs are involved in one third of construction accidents. A strict alcohol and drug policy and the implementation of  alcohol and drug testing programs can lead to a reduction in construction accidents
  • Safety orientation programs for new hires: new workers have a much higher risk to get injured during their first month on the job than workers who have been on the job for more than one year. Therefore making sure that new workers are proprely trained and mentored go a long way in preventing and reducing accidents on construction sites
  • Site specific safety orientation session: in addition to attending safety orientation programs related to their specific tasks, new employees should have a global awareness of the policies, procedures and hazards of the entire construction site.
  • Regular toolbox talks for all employees consisting of 15 to 30 minutes safety training on a specific subject have proven to be very helpful in improving safety and reducing accidents on construction sites
  • Near miss/near hit analyses: making sure that any situation during which an accident almost occurred or an employee almost got injured are proprely documented and analyzed and corrective actions are taken can prevent future accidents.
  • Create a site safety committee:  a safety committee that include representatives of the various parties involved in the construction project  should meet on regular basis to discuss  safety ideas and concerns and make sure that the site is inspected regularly.

By implementing these few safety metrics, construction companies can significantly reduce the risk of employees getting injured on the job, reduce their insurance costs and keep their reputation spotless.

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