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Multiple people injured in fire accidents in New York

There is always an uptick in fire accident injuries in New York during the coldest days of the year.  Last night a fire that erupted in an apartment building under renovation  located at 283 Monroe in Bed-Stuy and spread to adjacent buildings is the last of multiple fire accidents that occurred last week in New York. One firefighter was injured after the floor collapsed under him.

In Queens, 6 people were injured in a fire that erupted Monday early morning on 108th Street in Corona.

Also in Queens a massive fire erupted on Friday  at Eunice Beauty Salon located on 37th Ave near Main street in Flushing. The 7-alarm fire spread to the entire building and to a pharmacy  next door. It took several hours for firefighters to stop it. Seven firefighters were injured.

In Yonkers, the fire ravaged a strip mall located at 671 Yonkers early this morning. The cause of the fire is still under investigation (Read more in Bronx News).  Also in Yonkers, a few days ago, 9 people including 3 firefighters were injured in a high-rise fire that started on the third floor. A door left opened helped the fire propagate throughout the building.

Earlier, on January 5th, firefighters had to fight a large blaze at a 6-story Manhattan building. The fire started in the apartment located at the top floor of the building located on Post Ave in Inwood. The fire quickly spread to the building and to the attic. No injuries were reported.

If you find yourself in a situation during which you have to run away from a fire, remember to close any door behind you as it will prevent the fire to spread and help save your life as well as others. Also make sure that you always stay in the kitchen when you are cooking, that your heating equipment is safe and that your electrical outlets are not overloaded as these are the top 3 causes of fire accidents in New York.