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Reckless NYC driver chases bicyclist on protected bike lane

car in bike laneA few weeks after a bicyclist died after being intentionally hit by a car in Brooklyn, NYC, another enraged car driver chased a bicyclist in a Brooklyn protected bike lane and tried to  intentionally run over him. The incident happened last Thursday night on Kent Ave. Two friends where riding on the bike lane when they passed a car that was parked on the bike lane forcing bicyclists to get in the traffic to get around it. The driver of the car was behind the wheel and one of the bike riders told him to “get the fuck off the bike lane”. The hot blooded driver got upset and started to chase the bicyclists. He threw a bottle of water at them. As the car was chasing them on Kent Ave, the two bicyclists made a turn onto a two ways protected bike lane on Flushing. The enraged driver recklessly drove right into the protected bike lane using both lanes and seriously endangering any potential bike riders. Bike riders took pictures of the incidents and were able to get the car plates number and identified the driver. They went to the police hopping they would do something about it but the cops politely told them off… Read more in the Gothamist

Picture from Anna Maria on Instagram