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Car Accident NYAs car accident lawyers, the recent report by AAA Northeast highlighting the alarming increase in fatal crashes involving senior drivers in New York State is both concerning and a call to action. The findings, which show the highest number since 2013, point towards a critical need for addressing the unique challenges faced by older drivers on the road.

The AAA Northeast report reveals a troubling trend: 214 fatal crashes in New York last year involved drivers aged 65 and older. This statistic is not just a number; it represents lives lost and families forever changed.

The report cites failure to yield, improper lane changes, unsafe speed, and distracted driving as primary contributors to these tragic accidents. These factors are not exclusive to senior drivers, but they can have more severe consequences for this age group due to factors like slower reaction times and physical frailty.

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Based on the reputation of our Personal Injury Law Firm, superior results have been obtained for a NY pedestrian who was injured in a car accident without the need for protracted litigation. The following case demonstrates the ability of our attorneys to obtain a swift and speedy resolution of a case while protecting the interests of the client.


Our firm is thrilled to have achieved a $325,000 settlement for our client who was struck by a car as she crossed the street in Westchester, New York. On the day of the incident, our client had just returned home from caring for her elderly mother and decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. As our client was crossing Mamaroneck Road (at Park Road), an intersection with no crosswalk, the defendant driver carelessly made a left-hand turn, struck our client, and knocked her to the ground.Shortly after the incident, an ambulance was called to the scene and took our client to the hospital. After our client underwent radiological imaging, she was diagnosed with a tibial plateau fracture of her left knee, but did not require surgery.