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Two houses caught on fire and 3 people were injured after a propane tank exploded in East Meadow, Long Island, NY.  A fire started in a house located on 7th Street. The flames reached two propane tanks that were located on the side of the house and caused a massive explosion. The fire was so intense that the house next door caught on fire as well. One person had to be hospitalized and two others were treated at the scene. It took 3 hours for the firefighters to extinguish the fire.

In the US it is estimated that there are approximatively 60 million propane-fueled devices.  While the usage of propane tanks is restricted in New York City, their usage is common in the rest of New York State for heating water, heating houses and grilling.  Propane explosions and propane deaths are not that common. Explosions are rare but when they occur they are extremely destructive. Injuries resulting from propane tank explosions are often severe burns.

Gas leak or BLEVE?

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Two workers who were trying to remove an underground oil-tank from a backyard died after the tank exploded. One of the workers was sitting on the tank and was cutting into it with a saw when the explosion happened. The blast was so violent that his body was thrown 25 yards away into the woods. The other man who was standing  nearby was also killed. The accident happened last Thursday in the backyard of a home on Hillside Avenue in Hasting-On-Hudson. The two men killed were Mora Segundo, 50, and Luis Jacho, 52 from Ossining.  Investigators discovered that the tank contained gasoline instead of oil. Gasoline vapors that built up pressure over time are suspected to be the cause of the explosion. Read more here