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Thankfully nobody was seriously injured in a car accident during which a 90 year old driver crashed into a clothing store in Queens, NYC

A 90 year old woman lost control of her car and crashed into the front window of the Aeropostale clothing store of the Bay Terrace shopping Center on Bell Blvd in Queens, NY. The accident happened on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m. The driver who pressed the gas pedal by mistake, drove through the shop front window and ended up next to the cash register. A 39 year old worker suffered minor personal injury from falling glass and the elderly driver reported pain in her left arm. Read more in the NY Daily News

In New York State, the Department of Motor Vehicles does’t remove driving privileges based on age but an elderly driver may be requested to pass a re-evaluation program. New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 506 (1) states that: “If the Commissioner has “reasonable grounds” to believe that a person holding a license is not qualified to drive a motor vehicle, the Commissioner may require such person to submit to an examination to determine their qualifications.”

If you have an elderly parent or close relative who you feel no longer has the ability to drive safely it is incumbent on you to discuss with them your concerns. This is a very difficult discussion to have since giving up one’s driving privileges makes one feel a loss of independence. Such a discussion must be in a reasoned manner. For an excellent article on having this discussion see “How to Talk to Elderly Adults About Giving up the Keys” by Constance (Connie) Matthiessen in