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Two pedestrians were struck and killed by cars in two different accidents last night on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island, NYC

A 31 year old mother of two children who also was six month pregnant of a third one was struck by a car yesterday night on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island. NYC.  Shannon Lies had just finished her shift at Mike’s Place Diner  yesterday night and was crossing Hylan Boulevard to catch a bus when she was hit by a car. The driver drove for a block before to return to the scene of the accident where the young mother was lying unconscious on the ground. She suffered severe head trauma and was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead.

4 hours earlier, 61 year old Steven Turetsky was crossing Hylan Boulevard at the intersection of Bay Street when he was also fatally hit by a car.

Hylan Boulevard is a commercial corridor and a heavily trafficked bus road. It has been identified by the Vision Zero initiative as as a priority corridor with 3 priority intersections. Zero Visions’s priority corridors and intersections have the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities and severe injuries in New York City.  According to the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for Staten Island, Vision Zero safety engineering improvements will be implemented this coming years on the boulevard. The pedestrian crossing time will be expanded. Signal timing will be modified to reduce off-peak speeding and more speed limit signals will be installed. Additonally Vision Zero will continue to work  with the community and MTA buses to make the street safer. NYPD is also supposed to increase enforcement on failure-to-yield and speeding, the two main causes of pedestrian accidents in Staten Island.

Below, the Vision Zero heat map of annual pedestrian injuries shows several hot spots along Hylan Boulevard

Pedestrian injuries Staten Island NYC