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The dangerous NYC intersection where a pedestrian was killedA pedestrian was killed in a car accident on a dangerous street of New York City.  The accident occurred on Monday afternoon around 3Pm. 73 year old Yingqui Liu was crossing South Avenue  when he was struck by the driver of a van making a left turn from Forest Avenue in Staten Island.

According to Transportation Alternatives, while 3 people died in crashes on Forest Avenue since 2019, no major safety improvements have been made on Forest Avenue west of Morningstar Road  since Vision Zero started.

So far this year 223 people died in crashes in New York City, including 99 pedestrians. Among the victims 42 of them were 65 and older.

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ocation of the deadly crash in Staten IslandA woman died and 4 others suffered personal injury after a car crashed into an ambulance. The accident occurred last Friday morning around 6:30 am in Westerleigh, Staten Island, NYC.

The pedestrian was first  injured after being struck by a car as she was stepping out of her home

35 year old, Maria Martinez, a mother of two children had just stepped out of her home and was walking to the bus stop when she was struck by a car while crossing Jewett Avenue. The car was a Dodge charger and the driver remained at the location of the accident and was questioned by the police. So far he has not been charged. When the emergency team arrived with the ambulance at the location of the accident, they found the victim in critical condition. Paramedics quickly got her in the ambulance they were driving down Maine Avenue in the wrong way in an attempt to reach the hospital faster and save Maria’s life. Ambulances are authorized to do so when the life of someone is endangered.

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Staten Island Pedestrian accident locationA pedestrian died in New York City on Sunday morning. He was hit by a drunk driver around 4:40 am. 32 year old David Bloomer, a father of four, was crossing Tompkins Ave at Broad St. in Stapleton, Staten Island, NYC when he was struck by a car. The driver tried to speed off but one of David’s cousins rallied a group of people to run after him. They were able to catch him a block away from the accident. The driver, identified as 25 year old, John Rudder was allegedly drunk.

During the accident, Rudder hit Bloomer so violently that the pedestrian went flying into the air and crashed through the windshield of a jeep that was parked nearby. The firefighters had to remove the roof of the jeep to try to save him. Unfortunately Bloomer died at the scene of the accident.

Bloomer left behind him 2 children, 17 year old Charlie Perez, 8 year old Mikayla Papon and 2 stepdaughters, 14 year old and 6 year old Yolanda and Dakota Makins.  He was a DJ and a beloved member of the Stapleton Community.

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accident sceneA pedestrian was seriously injured in a car accident in New York City. Lisa Bergen, a 50 year old NYPD detective was crossing the street with her partner when a minivan struck her.  The accident occurred  on Richmond Ave near Akron St. in Bulls Head, Saten Island on Sunday a little before 9:00 pm. The minivan was speeding and the 31 year-old driver hit the detective so hard that her body flipped several time in the air before landing with a loud sound. The detective was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident but wasn’t arrested. So far she hasn’t been charged. Detective Bergen who is assigned  to the 121st precinct squad was on the job at the time of the accident.

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An 81 year old woman was in critical condition after she was hit by an unlicensed 36 year old driver yesterday night in New York City. The accident happened at the intersection of Targee St. and Narrow Rd in Staten Island. The elderly woman was crossing the road when the driver struck her. The driver was issued a summons for unlicensed operation of a vehicle. This accident is the third serious pedestrian accident in Staten Island, NYC,  this month.

Targee Street and Narrow Rd

The intersection where the accident happened


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A 31 year old mother of two children who also was six month pregnant of a third one was struck by a car yesterday night on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island. NYC.  Shannon Lies had just finished her shift at Mike’s Place Diner  yesterday night and was crossing Hylan Boulevard to catch a bus when she was hit by a car. The driver drove for a block before to return to the scene of the accident where the young mother was lying unconscious on the ground. She suffered severe head trauma and was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead.

4 hours earlier, 61 year old Steven Turetsky was crossing Hylan Boulevard at the intersection of Bay Street when he was also fatally hit by a car.