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Two people injured in NYC car accident related to speed

accident sceneTwo people were hospitalized after being injured in a reckless car accident in New York City last Wednesday evening. The accident took place in Brooklyn around 5:30pm. A driver speeding down Ocean Parkway behind the wheel of a Honda SUV crashed into another vehicle heading East on Avenue U. The impact was so strong that after hitting the car, the Honda flipped a few times and struck two other cars.  Then, one of these cars struck another vehicle (read more in Streetblog)
The driver of the Honda, as well as the driver of the fifth vehicle were injured and had to be transported to the hospital. More than ever, nobody wants to end up in the emergency room of a hospital because of reckless driving. However because the streets are almost empty drivers tend to go faster (see previous blog)

Preventing accidents by reducing speed and giving more space to pedestrians and bicyclists

Yesterday Scott Stringer released the New York City’s Frontline Workers report asking the City to not only greatly expand pedestrian and biking spaces but also lower the speed limit and subsidize Citi Bike memberships so that all essential workers can go to work in the safest possible way. Hospital workers, cleaning staff, grocery store employees, transit workers delivery riders and all other essential workers who are more and more transiting by foot or by bike should be able to do so safely in an era of social distancing.
Some efforts have been made in this direction but they are not sufficient.  Critical workers such as healthcare providers, transit employees and first responders  who enroll through their employers can get a 30 day CitiBike membership. Scot Stringer proposes that the city subsidize a free membership to all Front line workers.
Mayor de Blasio called on drivers to slow down in a recent press conference. He also opened some street segments to pedestrians for the weekend but it is afar cry from the NYC Comptroller’s proposal.