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Unlicensed 18 year old driving a stolen car, crashes into another car, kills the driver, seriously injures the passenger and runs away on foot

accident sceneA reckless unlicensed 18 year old driver, behind the wheel of a stolen car, blew a stop sign and crashed into another car, killing the passenger and seriously injuring the driver last week in Staten Island. He then fled on foot. The police found him later on. He was arrested and hit with multiple charges.

Last Tuesday night, around 6:15 pm, Shahzad and Krauzer Akund were driving their Mercedes-Benz East on Lambert Lane in Bulls Head, Staten Island, when they got T-Boned by a reckless driver who blew a stop sign. The driver who was driving a Honda completely destroyed the front of his vehicle and ran away on foot, leaving behind him the couple dying in the street.

When EMS arrived they found the couple in critical condition

The couple was rushed to the hospital. The wife, identified as 68 year-old Krauser Akund, was sitting in the passenger seat and did not survive her injuries. Her husband, 70 year-old Shahzad Akund was driving and he was listed in critical condition with head trauma. The couple was living a mile away from the accident scene. They had been living there for the last 10 years.

The hit and run driver filed a fake stolen vehicle claim to the police 

The hit and run driver was identified by the police as 18 year-old Prince Nesbitt Hall after he went to the police claiming his vehicle had been stolen.  The police found out that the car was actually a car that had previously been stolen in Hackensack on February 6 and then, determined that the teen was the one driving the car at the time of the crash. He was charged with falsely reporting an incident, possession of stolen property, leaving the scene of  an accident, felony assault and manslaughter.

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