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14 year-old-pedestrian killed by reckless unlicensed driver

The intersection where the unlicensed driver killed ChristianFourteen-year-old Christian Antoine was struck and killed by the reckless actions of an unlicensed and speeding driver last Saturday evening in Brooklyn, NYC. The accident occurred at the intersection of Glenwood Rd. and E. 81st St. in Canarsie.

Christian was more than just a statistic in the rising toll of pedestrian fatalities; he was a young boy with dreams, a loving family, and a future that was unjustly cut short. According to reports, 45-year-old Rayan Salmon, driving a 2018 Mercedes SUV at an unsafe speed, caused a chain-reaction crash that ultimately led to Christian’s untimely death. This incident is a reminder of the catastrophic consequences of negligent driving and the critical need for stringent enforcement of traffic laws.

As pedestrian accident lawyers in NYC, we have seen the aftermath of such tragedies unfold too many times. Families are left to navigate their grief while grappling with the legal complexities of seeking justice for their loved ones. In Christian’s case, the charges against Salmon for aggravated unlicensed operation underscore the severe risks unlicensed drivers pose to public safety. However, these charges are just the beginning of a long legal journey for Christian’s family to seek accountability and compensation for their loss.

The legal process in cases like these involves proving negligence on the part of the driver

In New York, drivers are required to exercise reasonable care to avoid harming pedestrians. Speeding and driving without a license are clear violations of this duty of care. For Christian’s family, pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit could provide a pathway to financial compensation for funeral expenses, emotional distress, and the loss of future earnings potential. Yet, no amount of money can truly compensate for the loss of a child.

This tragedy also highlights the need for systemic changes to prevent similar accidents. Neighbors near the crash site have long complained about the dangerous intersection, noting frequent disregard for stop signs. The call for the installation of traffic lights and crosswalks is a step in the right direction toward enhancing pedestrian safety. Local authorities must heed these calls to prevent further loss of life.

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Picture of the location of the accident: Courtesy of Google Map