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21 injured and 200 displaced in massive apartment fire accident in Queens, NYC

apartment building that got on fire in Queens NYC21 people were injured in a massive NYC apartment fire last week.  The fire started around 1:00 pm last Tuesday in an apartment  on the 6th floor of a large building located on 34th Avenue near 89th Street  in Jackson Heights, Queens. While escaping, the resident of the apartment left the door open, allowing the fire to spread through the hallways of the building that housed 150 apartments and 90 families.

No life threatening injuries but more than 200 people displaced

Up to 350 firefighters fought for 12 hours to get the blaze under control. 16 of them were injured. Two of them suffered burns and the 14 others suffered minor injuries such as strains and sprains. Among the 5 residents who suffered injuries, 4 declined to be treated and 1 was sent to the hospital. No one was reported missing. More than 200 people living in the building lost their homes and were displaced.

Please remember to always close the door after you if you escape a fire!!!!

After the accident Daniel Negro, NYC Fire Department Commissioner reminded New Yorkers to close the door behind them if they are escaping a fire. Additionally , Negro said that residents smelled smoke but it took 10 minutes until someone called 911. These two missteps caused the fire to completely ravage the building. All the residents were able to escape through the fire escapes.

A similar situation in the Bronx a few months ago led to the death of 13 people and multiple injured

A similar accident occurred last December in the Bronx where a family  fled a fire that was set by their kids playing with the stove in the kitchen and left the door open behind them. In that case 13 people were killed in the fire. 13 people would probably still be alive if the family had simply closed the door behind them before escaping.

Picture of the building that burned down: courtesy of Google Map