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3 pedestrians fatally struck by cars in New York City over the weekend

accident sceneThree pedestrians were killed in car accidents in New York City over the weekend. These deaths are a clear reminder of the dangerous and deadly consequences of reckless and negligent driving, and of the urgent need for safer streets.

The first victim, 73-year-old Steven Aragona, was fatally struck while crossing North Conduit Avenue in Queens, last Friday afternoon . Conduit Avenue is notorious for its high speeds and dangerous conditions, with 127 crashes reported on just two miles of the road last year. The 25-year old driver who struck him remained at the scene of the accident and was not charged. (Read more in QNS)

The second victim, Domingo Dejesus, died after he was struck by a driver on Soundview Avenue in the Bronx on Saturday night around 10:45 pm. Soundview Avenue has a similarly troubling safety record, with 44 crashes reported on a mile-long stretch in 2022 alone. The driver involved stayed at the scene of the accident and was not charged.

The third victim, whose name was not released, was struck and killed by a driver on Broadway in Elmhurst, Queens, only an hour after the second pedestrian was killed. Broadway is another notoriously dangerous road, with 35 reported injuries in 2018 alone. In this case, the driver was once again not charged. (Read more in the NY Daily News)

As pedestrian accident lawyers in New York City, we have seen firsthand the devastating impact that reckless and negligent driving can have on individuals and their families. These deaths are a tragic reminder of the urgent need for safer streets and stronger accountability for drivers who cause harm. We must work together to demand safer infrastructure, stronger enforcement, and greater protections for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users. Only then can we hope to prevent the needless loss of life on our streets.